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Celebrating History at LGT

November 17, 2015

Authors: Lee Ann Collins, Managing Partner, and Lucas LaChance, Director or Practice Growth

In celebration of Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC’s 65th anniversary, the firm’s employees headed out to Kyle Warren Park one sunny Thursday afternoon to eat, drink and play yard games. An intense Cornhole tournament went on with 20 teams competing for the championship. Cheers and gasps from colleagues on the sideline were heard until the final game between the Human Beans and the Bronies 4 Lyfe ended in a close match. The staff at LGT then took the rest of the long afternoon to relax and reflect on their company’s rich history, all their hard work and the time that has passed since its first day of business.


“It is such an exciting time for our firm! So often turning 65 is associated with slowing down and retiring, but for us turning 65 means we’re really hitting our stride. We have a deep history rooted in our community, which happens to be one of the fastest growing cities in the nation.”—Lucas LaChance, Director of Practice Growth at LGT.

In 1950, Jerry Lane formed the firm that would eventually become Lane Gorman Trubitt, LLP while Charles Schultz simultaneously created the first “Peanuts” cartoon strip and color TV made its debut. Since, LGT has continued serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area through many pivotal moments in history like the release of the Walkman, the collapsing of the Berlin Wall, the first personal computer’s purchase from IBM, the beginning of internet’s widespread use and so much more. All these affected local businesses and LGT was there to guide them through financial decisions.

The firm has learned many things over the past 65 years but the most important is knowing your client’s success is your success. Without trusting clients to produce genuine work for, the firm would not have met the level of success it has.

“Thanks to our clients, LGT has become one of the largest single-location firms in the Southwest and is now ranked #14 among the Top Public Accounting Firms in North Texas. I’ve been with LGT for 28 years of its 65 years and to me, 65 means dependability. We are proud to serve our clients as their financial advisor and look forward to sharing future milestones with them all.”—Lee Ann Collins, Managing Partner at LGT.

About Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC
Dedicated to serving the middle market, Lane Gorman Trubitt, PLLC (LGT) represents a broad range of clients, from individuals to public companies, in a variety of industries. LGT offers traditional accounting, audit and tax services, as well as various other specialized professional services. In an effort to expand the services provided to valued clients, LGT has launched three affiliated companies, LGT Financial Advisors, LLC, LGT Insurance Services Inc. and LGT Retirement Plan Solutions.

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